Richard Patridge’s Testimonial


As a beginner I was worried that lifting heavy weights is a dangerous activity, I wanted to make sure that strength training was safe.

I was reassured that it is perfectly safe and you are not thrown in the deep end straight away. The benefits of strength training have been life changing and it toughens you up to avoid injury in day to day life.

The trainers are incredibly thorough and take every session step by step. If you do something wrong they will make sure you get it right before moving on, thus giving incredibly strong foundations. They won’t push you to do something if they do not think you are ready.

Coming here has been the best choice of my life. It has introduced me to the fun journey of training and getting stronger. For years other sports never stuck, but lifting weights has become my new life.

If you want to get strong and are dedicated to doing it, this team will help you get there. Be patient and be ready to learn a lot.



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