Alvin is one of the most committed individuals I have worked with. He has a very keen interest in learning barbell movement and strength training. Despite a few challenges we face along the way due to many years of sedentary lifestyle and poor postures, which definitely have a detrimental effort on his mobility, he manages to participate in our recent TSY classic meet and is able to execute all the lifts with proper technique.

Here’s what he has to say about the training :

“I have been training with Jon for less than a year. When I started, I was a beginner who had a lot of trouble using barbells due to my mobility from years of poor posture. Thankfully Jon was super patient with me and over the subsequent months, he guided and refine my lifting technique until I was able to lift weights safely. I have also participated in The Strength Yard Classic Powerlifting Meet and was able to perform/complete all the lifts required with proficiency, even lifting above my body weight for Squats and Deadlifts! I wouldn’t have been able to achieve these gains without his guidance. I look forward to further improving under his coaching and I strongly recommend him if you are interested in building up your strength as well!”



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