Ana Katrina Aparicio’s Testimonial


At first, I had reservations about signing up because I wasn’t sure if it’s going to work or not (whether I will be losing weight or just losing money). I was also apprehensive that I’ll be stuck with a haughty, macho Johnny-Bravo type of trainer.

However, Terence is very professional, accommodating and humble. He shows genuine care for his clients.
I particularly like that he is not only a trainer but also he is like a “cheerleader” to me. IN times when I hadn’t seen the result of working out, he would assure me and also remind me that with consistency of effort, I will achieve my goal. He is very attentive during training and thoughtful even after it (reminding me to eat healthy and to cycle). He also sends fitness and health info throughout the week.

Overall, I am very glad that I engaged Terence’s services. He is confidently knowledgeable (in his field of work) with a heart. He is your strength training BFF.

Terence, thanks for motivating me to lose weight! Thanks for your kindness and attentiveness during our training sessions. Thanks for the friendship too! 🙂



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