The Strength Yard, Singapore 2017.

Strength Training And Aging

Leading a sedentary lifestyle leads to muscle atrophy. It is the medical term that describes the process of your muscles wasting away. When your muscles aren’t exercised to their full capacity, they begin to break down.

When your body begins to lose muscle, your metabolism slows and you begin to gain weight. Increased body fat eats away at testosterone, and it can be a vicious cycle. Low testosterone causes depression, lethargy, and fatigue that can keep you from exercising to lose fat and build muscle.


The Job Of A Personal Trainer

Many often wonder if the cost of having a Personal Trainer is worth it.

The short answer is perhaps. If you have the intrinsic motivation, you can join a gym and plan your own program independently by referring to the numerous resources available online, not a problem at all.


Strength Training And Your Immunity

Upper respiratory tract infections (The common cold, sinusitis etc.) are the most common illness that people get. Most are due to an infection with a virus and the average adult has two to four URTIs each year.

We are constantly exposed to the viruses that cause these infections but some people seem more susceptible to catching URTIs than others and our immune system plays an important part that protect us from an army of pathogenic microbes that bombard the body.


Setting Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

After a holiday season of being merry, many of us start setting fitness resolutions for the New year only to see them fall by the wayside.

It Is a pretty depressing statistic. In fact, survey shows that only 20% of people actually achieve their goals and more than 70% of people give up within the first 2 months.


Introduction To Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic weightlifting , otherwise known as ‘weightlifting’ or ‘Olympic-style weightlifting’ is one of the oldest forms of weight training. The moves are incredibly technical and they take require considerable strength to complete.


When You Hit A Plateau In Training And How To Deal With It

We know you take your training seriously. From our serious competitive athletes to our casual class members you are always looking to be the strongest version of yourselves.

There is only so much we can progressively overload till we hit a wall in training. Some lucky ones have a higher threshold than others but we’ll all eventually find our progress starting to get slower or for even some, remain stagnant for a period of time.


Stay Fit While Traveling

Hey everybody, holiday season is upon us and in fact, we have just treated ourselves to a weekend road trip to Malaysia, tasting the local cuisine and sampling every type of street food.

While I know many of you will start stressing out over how to remain fit while on the road, understand that your hard work will not be gone to waste.

squat powerlifting champion


The recent rise of raw powerlifting in Singapore and having numerous media attention lately has many asking what exactly is Powerlifting.

In a nutshell, Powerlifting is strength sport that revolves around the 3 disciplines. The Squat, Bench press and the Deadlift.


Benefits Of Strength And Conditioning Training

With the rising fitness trend, more people are turning to strength and conditioning in order to take charge of their body and health. Strength training has been touted for years to be of great value.