Ashley documenting her first ever bodyweight pull-up! Here’s what she has to say training under @tsy.charm

When I dropped by at The Strength Yard for a trial, I didn’t have any goals or direction. I just wanted to be stronger but I didn’t know what to do and how to do it by myself.

I see many injuries taking place in the gym because of ego or “monkey see monkey do”. One thing for sure I didn’t want to get injured and I needed professional help especially for the compound lifts.

Charmaine is no typical trainer. She’s not here to sugar coat your performance or attitude. She’s like a hard candy. Tough on the outside but actually soft in the inside.

She is very knowledgeable, hard on the facts, objective, goal driven. But when you actually know her, she has a kind heart and only wants the best for all her clients.

One big takeaway I’ve learnt from her is consistency is the key to reaching your goal. You never know when your tipping point is, so keep focusing on what you need to do everything and eventually you will get there.

She’s a living example of that.



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