Barbell Fundamentals





Minimum 3 Participants To Start

Maximum 5 Participants For Optimum Attention






  • APRIL 13TH AND 14TH (12PM TO 2PM)


New to barbell training? Looking to incorporate barbell training into your routine to get functionally stronger?

Over the course of 2 days, learn how to perform the core barbell lifts safely and efficiently under the instruction of our coaches.

This is a workshop designed for you to receive coaching on the proper form and technique for the Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Overhead Press.

The proper form and technique of the barbell lifts will be taught in a simple yet concise manner for participants to understand. Every participant will have a hands on session as well to perform the lifts while being corrected individually.

Our Barbell Fundamentals Course is an ideal option for beginners that are just starting out on barbell training to get their foundation right or for non experienced lifters looking to improve their form and technique.


  • I was worried that it might be very complicated and as a whole felt that lifting weights seem quite daunting. Densun was very chill with his approach. Everything was broken down and techniques were explained in a simple manner. It became easier to understand and made me realize that some parts can be quite intuitive. I like the contrast between good and bad demonstrations. There was also an emphasis on what to take note of for the safety of each lifts. It was super chill and I enjoyed the personalization and guidance of how different components look differently on each individual. It wouldn't have been something I would know if I just learnt from youtube on my own.

  • Before the course, I was not sure about the correct form for the lifts despite training for some time already. This course helped to correct and improve our form whilst lifting and also touched on the different cues to use and the different rules of a typical powerlifting competition Was able to spot the best position to do the lifts depending on every individual's anatomy and could tell which were the limiting factors/ areas for everyone. Demonstrated how the lifts should be done whilst in competitions for everyone one of the lifts Detailed introduction was given before going into the practical segment of the exercise to ensure that everyone knew what was going on. Also Densun was able to spot any mistakes that we made straight away and suggested remedies to counter it. The workshop was short but highly informative. It caters not only to beginners but a wide range of lifters with varying levels of fitness. It was also fun due to its light-hearted nature.

    Hoa Thanh Ho
  • I was worried about the group setting because I wasn’t sure if I’d get the guidance I needed, and I was also worried that I was ‘hopeless’ in the sense that I wasn’t sure if my mobility issues could be helped.  Densun was amazing though! He was really welcoming, and while I was intimidated at first he taught us the movements in such a way that it was really easy to understand! He also answered all questions with no judgment and in a very detailed way.  When it came to practicing the movements, he made sure to give every individual ample attention. Not once did I feel ignored or neglected, and when he gave advice it was always tailored to every individual’s build and their mobility.  Personally I’d say despite the short amount of time I had with him, I’ve improved so much. My lifts feel so much better and there’s virtually no stress on my joints now, as compared to when I started off. I always ended up experiencing joint problems after a workout, and I’m so glad I don’t go through that anymore.  Densun’s truly talented, and I’ll always go back to him if I need advice on anything fitness-related.

    Nicole Daduya
  • I was lifting weights for several months, but I was still unsure if I'm doing squats, bench and deadlift the right way. I also didn't know how to resolve some of my body discomfort or mobility issues whenever I'm lifting weights, which limited my growth in the gym. Densun was patient, detailed and knowledgeable in explaining all the steps, cues, and other information to take note to perform SBD properly. He was also able to address the body discomfort I raised and gave me useful tips and exercises to minimize them and to improve my body mobility. I appreciated Densun's patience and knowledge, especially in explaining and addressing mobility issues. I also liked how he is able to notice what exercises are more suitable for my body to excel in, and advised me to focus on those first to build strength. His approach was very personalized to my body needs. It was a really insightful and practical experience for me. I got to reaffirm techniques that I have been doing correctly, remove habits that were affecting my form, and learnt tips and mobility tricks to improve my current form. I was able to bring the knowledge back to my gymming session and I'm now able to do SBD properly and safely Legit a big thank you for the session!

  • Before the workshop I was going to the gym for a few months but was unsure of whether my forms were correct, especially for the bench press With a clear explanation and demonstration of each exercise, I did realize what were the mistakes I made. Additionally, Densun provided good feedback to me after I have demonstrated my usual way of doing the exercise. I like that Densun do provide very constructive feedback to me personally, instead of a whole group. The approach and delivery was good. The course was structured well by starting off with explanation and demonstration followed by letting us try out and also pointing out our mistake at the same time. In all it was an enriching, wholesome & fun experience.

    Jolene Ng


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