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New to Olympic Weightlifting? Looking to pick up a new sport?

Over the course of 4 weeks, Individuals will learn and become proficient in the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch. This is the foundation of this course.

Olympic Weightlifting tests aspects of human ballistic limits (explosive strength) and are therefore executed faster, with more mobility and a greater range of motion than other lifts. Properly executed, the Olympic lifts are the most powerful thing a human can do.

Due to the rate of force production and speed in change of direction that can be generated through the improvement in the skill of weightlifting, it would be invaluable for any athlete looking to improve their own sport specific performance.

This is a progressive fundamental course emphasizing technique and form for novice to advanced weightlifters.
This course is perfect for beginners, men and ladies alike.

Limited spots. Classes are intentionally kept small to ensure each participant gets the attention they need in order to make the necessary progress. Book now to secure a spot!


Professional Accreditations

• International Weightlifting Federation Certified Coach

• Master of Exercise Science (Edith Cowan)

• Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (Deakin)

• KSI Legacy Level 3

• Certified Sports Massage (BSMC)


Competition Experience

• 2018 Singapore National Open Weightlifting Championships – 7th place

• 2019 Singapore National Open Weightlifting Championships – 2nd place

• 2019 Singapore Weightlifting Age Group challenge – 1st for Group Entry Total > 160kg

• 2020 Singapore National Open Weightlifting Championships – 4th place

• 2021 Singapore National Open Weightlifting Championships – 2nd place


Our head coach Tze Wei discovered his passion in fitness and everything related from a young age.

Always eager to learn and self improve, he further honed his craft in pursuing an education in Strength and Conditioning in Australia.

Specializing in injury prevention and the sport of Olympic weightlifting, he too, walks the talk and has been competing at the national level for up to 4 years.

He takes pride in working with a diverse clientele aiding them in training more efficiently and ensuring they achieve their goals the best way possible.


  • The coach is highly experienced. He has an eye for detail and was persistent in making sure that we corrected our form again and again. He knows how to work with people who have varying degrees of strengths and limitations. Most importantly, he ensures the safety of everyone in class. I felt secure in knowing that technique came first over increasing weight. He trains proper athletes, so it’s an incredible opportunity to learn from someone who works with the country’s top weightlifters. I love that he can also understand that there are regular people who want to get into the sport for personal enjoyment. That reflects his own passion for the sport. I’m so grateful to The Strength Yard for hosting this!

  • Everything that we learnt was quite methodical so it was easy to keep up with. And there was a lot of focus on getting the techniques right so that you don't get injured when lifting heavy in the future too, so that was helpful as well. The coach was really detailed, and he gave everyone individual attention to correct their form etc and gave catered advice, which was really helpful. He also did like a summary/recap of the techniques we learnt the last time at the start of every class so that really helped.

  • The coach was able to pay close attention to each one of us because of the limited slots, and he was able to give tips and recommendations specifically tailored to each of our needs. The venue as well is awesome, and I wish it was closer to where I live. This was by far one of the best investments that I made. I knew I made the right choice in signing up right about the first day. That was the first time in a long time that I actually felt genuinely happy, and it just got better every week. I could not recommend it enough.

  • Even though it was a beginner class with no experience required, i was worried about having no experience at all ahead of the first class. I also have mobility issues, so struggle to get any kind of depth with both front squat and overhead squat. The trainer was excellent. He was very patient, and having a small class size allowed for plenty of interaction and advice both for the group and also individually. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and meeting both the trainer and my classmates, and looked forward to my Saturday afternoons.

  • The attention and knowledge given by the coach made the trip worthwhile. The small class size and attention given by the coach was really good and I would recommend the course to anyone that's looking to start their Olympic Weightlifting journey.

  • I wanted to try Olympic weight lifting course and was reading up on the sports before signing up. The coach gave a hands on detail breakdown of the moves and was also correcting our moves individually and he was able to explain each breakdown in precision, overall very good and would definitely recommend.

  • I was not getting enough coaching in my regular gym for olympic lifts thus was curious about the Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Course. Got a far more detailed breakdown of the olympic lifts than I have in any other coaching setting (i’ve tried a few including PT). I liked that the coach was very specific in his feedback and getting us to spot our own weaknesses. I’m better able to assess my own videos now cos I know what to look out for. Accessory drills suggested were really useful too Very in depth, useful in developing my self awareness as a lifter.

  • I had poor techniques with the lifts and was worried about getting injuries due to poor execution. Also wanted to understand movement patterns better. After attending the course, I understood how to better use the right muscles for the lift, making it easier to execute. Also learned alot on proper form, i.e stance and grip etc. I think it's good that the class was kept small, allowing for dedicated time for each participant. Also nice facility for teaching! Coach also had a really good knowledge of the lifts👍🏼 teaching the snatch first before cleans was very helpful. It was a very eye opening experience and l learnt a lot, will definitely hope to continue weightlifting if the right opportunity arises:)

  • The olympic weightlifting course was very structured and the coach takes the time to make sure you get your technique right before he moves onto the next progression. Was a very educational course and sets you up to want to make more progress in olympic weightlifting moves.

  • Initially my impression of Weightlifting was that is seems very technical and to be honest, quite scary! The coach was managed to break the lifts down into different components to make them easier to understand. The course was also of a suitable duration, as it allows us to revise what we learnt every week, build on it, and also develop some semblance of muscle memory. I like the course duration, the amount of individual attention, and how the lifts were broken down to make them more accessible. Overall the course is enriching and fun! It's always fun to learn a new skill.

  • Initially I was unsure of what whether I could do the snatch as it appeared very technical and I had poor shoulder and upper spine mobility. The course was well run by the coach who broke down the movements step by step in each lesson. I was able to execute the movements, being aware of my physical limitations and areas where I need to increase my mobility. I liked the small class size, as well as the systematic approach, plus the week in between lessons to practice on my own. I had a really positive experience of the course. I'm glad I took part to learn the fundamentals to these movements.


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    The Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Course is currently ran by Choon Yeow (Singapore Weightlifting Federation Head Coach)

    Here are his professional accreditation:
    • Singapore Weight Lifting Federation National Coach
    • Sports Singapore Strength And Conditioning Coach
    • National Coaching Accreditation Program Level One (Theory)
    • National Coaching Accreditation Program Level One (Weightlifting)
    • ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 1
    • IWF Development Program for Advanced Level Weightlifting Coach