Benefits Of Strength And Conditioning Training


With the rising fitness trend, more people are turning to strength and conditioning in order to take charge of their body and health. Strength training has been touted for years to be of great value.
Amongst the numerous type of strength sports one can partake in ( Crossfit, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strongman ) , everyone can benefit from improving their Strength, and yes that includes the non-athletes or weekend warriors.


Reduced Injury Risk

Through load bearing movements in strength work, benefits include healthier and stronger bones. When the muscles get stronger, that includes the connective tissues surrounding it as well.
This paired with a higher and better awareness of how your body moves in space (Utilising certain muscles, how to better distribute your bodyweight) will lead to few injuries.



Look good, Feel good

Needless to say, your quality of life would dramatically improve as well.
As you build more muscles, your metabolism rate increases. This results in you burning more calories as well, keeping your body fat levels low, increased energy and providing you with that additional vigour to keep up to life’s demands.


Improved Performance

The beauty of Strength training is that it benefits athletes across all sports. Every sport involves the application of force, be it achieving a lower handicap in Golf, completing your first marathon etc. Most people don’t realize that getting stronger complements sports across all spectrums.
A well designed Strength and Conditioning regime addresses the individual. Their strengths, weaknesses, muscle imbalances and mobility/flexibility issues. It will also aid in the sport the individual plays.


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