Denise Fernandez’s Testimonial


Strength Training at The Strength Yard has been a fantastic surprise. Like many girls I was initially intimidated by lifting, but Edmund is a very kind, encouraging and above all professional trainer. He knows exactly what he’s doing. My strength and mobility have improved by leaps and bounds, and my persistent aches have gone away. Additionally, my clothes are a lot looser and people are remarking how much more toned I am, without adding any bulk. It’s surprised me how much I enjoy lifting and finding out how much more my body can do each session.

The Strength Yard is a really girl-friendly place filled with kind and supportive people (and sometimes an awesome dog!). Their approach to fitness is comprehensive and holistic, meaning that they look at what’s best for you without forcing any major changes. I’ve recommended Edmund and his team to loads of people; they’re very trustworthy and decent, and I’ve personally seen great results.



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