I’ve tried weight watchers, noom, vegan, whole30, and a smattering of other diets, so I was a bit skeptical if it was another diet where I have to starve myself and eat yucky food. I also really didn’t want to bulk up and look like a female version of Arnold Swazenager.

Even though there were some days I was starving, Charmaine helped me analyze which foods I ate that made me hungry and if my weight plateaued, she helped me see which kind of diet made me not lose weight. It was a combination of all the diets I had tried before – except only all the good parts with a professional fitness trainer’s help. And every time I asked (which was often) if I’ll bulk up, Charmaine just told me I won’t

Charmaine, unlike any other fitness trainer, is actually nice – but tough. Most importantly, we know she’s 100% on our side. So when things get tough and we start whining, she’ll won’t coddle us and make things easier and she won’t yell at us to push us to keep going. She’ll emphasize and then explain why she needs to set the program a certain way to help us get to the goal that we want. Then explain how we can change things to make it easier to hit the goal. I really liked that about Charmaine!



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