Who We Are?

The Strength Yard is a Strength and Conditioning gym situated in Singapore. Our vision is to built a vibrant family-like fitness community. People of any fitness level are welcome to use our facility in order to hit their fullest potential within our non-restrictive training environment.

Why Strength and Conditioning?

Strength training and conditioning is beneficial to anyone. It helps with injury prevention, improve an athletes’ performance in his respective sport or just to get into better shape and becoming a stronger version of yourself.

Are you Crossfit affiliated?

No we are not Crossfit affiliated. That being said we have crossfitters who has their own program that trains here as well.

Do I have to be a member to use the facilities?

We are a card access members only unmanned training facility and the minimum sign up is a month’s worth which is $90.

Sign ups are done online prior to your first training session:https://www.thestrengthyard.com/open-gym-sign-up/