How To Do The Jefferson Curl



Feeling tightness in your hamstrings, glutes, Lim at fascia and lower traps after training?

Try out the Jefferson Curl.

It is important to note that only light weights should be used for this and it should be free of pain. If there is pain involved back off and address it before trying this stretch out.

• Pick a light weight to begin, a weight as light as 2.5kg is enough for most people to feel a stretch throughout their backs.

• Find an elevated surface such as a box or a thick set of mats.

• With your selected weight in hand, begin by tucking in your Chin to your chest and slowly flex your spine whilst lowering yourself closer to the ground.

•Try to keep your legs straight but if you lack the flexibility it is acceptable if you bend a little in the knees.

• At the bottom of the stretch your spine would naturally round in a relaxed manner when the abdominals are engaged with a relaxed back.

• Thin your tummy and draw your abdominals into your spine.

• Remember to relax your neck and breathe.

• To end the stretch simply do the reverse slowly, keeping your chin tucked in your chest until your are standing tall and straight.



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