How To Warm Up For Bench


Uncle Randy’s Bench warm up routine

Shoulder complex
Lying down on a bench or on the floor, try to keep forehead on the surface. Stick arms forward and outward and slowly pull back till you arms make a W with scapulas back and depressed. After the W is formed, extend arms forward again. This will help loosen the shoulder fibers. 15 to 20 reps

Stick Shoulder Rotation
Holding a sturdy pole example broom or mop handle or pvc pipe, tuck the pole under the elbow and pull away with the other hand gently. Pulse the stretch gently. 20 reps

Lying External Rotation
Hold onto a very light plate or dumbbell (1.25kg) and lie on one side. Remember to keep elbows as close to 90 degrees as possible. Gently lower the weight (gravity will pull) in front of the body and rotate your shoulders outward such that the weight moves up. Your arm should not extend further than 90 degrees to the floor. A lesser degree is fine depending on the mobility of the shoulder. This will help lubricate the rotator cuff. 20 reps



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