Joled Koh’s Testimonial


When I first came to The Strength Yard, I was just recovering from dengue and was 114kg, weight gained from medication side effects. I wasn’t sure if I was able to keep up with everyone else and was really hesitant. In fact, during my first class, when Seraphina told to squeeze my back muscles, my response was: WHAT back muscles?!

It only went uphill from there, because every Progressive Strength Classes I attend, Seraphina would always keep a close eye on newcomers (which was me, then) to ensure that we kept a proper form. She was always strict but approachable, reminding us that it was important to train hard but be safe at the same time. As class was tailored to individual progress, that gave me the confidence to train and to clarify any doubts, enabling me to train injury-free.

While I no longer require Seraphina’s constant vigilance (after a whole lot of bumbling up), she was still around to patiently explain any questions I had about training, and I could improve my form. For that matter, the environment in The Strength Yard is one that is so open and friendly, that any of the The Strength Yard’s Team passing through will stop by to give tips on how to lift better or even just to say hi.

There were no formal introductions, but along the way, I got to know Tze Wei, Randall, Edmund, Mcgere, Jamie, Charmaine and Ian. That’s how dedicated and involved the The Strength Yard’s Team are. It was definitely awkward at first but I’m ever so grateful that Terence took the time to helped to explain how The Strength Yard functioned, and his ever-constant presence in the The Strength Yard chat provided prompt replies to queries.

Training in The Strength Yard has been an amazing experience. Clearly as I went from training irregularly to incorporating it into a part of my lifestyle. Everyone in the classes are friendly and ready to help, from spotting to pointing out ways to improve. I’m glad to say that I’ve also made friends with so many like-minded people who have helped me greatly in my journey.

For anyone who wants to turn their life around and adopt a healthier and fitter lifestyle, I recommend The Strength Yard and their team as there is no better way to train. Commitment and dedication is key!



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