Max Koh’s Testimonial


I joined because I have just turned 30 and have been lifting on my own consistently for the last 8 years. Felt that my workouts were getting stale, and I also wanted someone to ensure I was lifting with proper form, for fear of injuries as I am no longer in my 20s.

Honestly I didn’t know what to expect as its my first time getting a coach.

Yet Mcgere has met my expectations. I am more than happy with my progress, results, and also the way the sessions are delivered (proper feedback, follow-ups).

I enjoyed being involved in my own training plan, getting my input before he goes about to plan it. He also provides a very tight follow-up and feedback instead of just leaving me there on my own.

Very clear communication and explanations were given.

Though its my first time getting a coach or trainer. I’ve seen lots of coaches at commercial and private and boutique gyms over the years who seem very relax in their sessions.

Using phones, yawning, and just looking super slack in the sessions. Mcgere is someone who takes the trainings and sessions very seriously, and I feel properly coached with his constant follow-ups, questions, and also feedback to correct my form and understanding.



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