The Strength Yard, Singapore 2017.

One of the key secrets to weight loss is by having more muscle. As you build more muscles, your metabolism rate increases!

This could be achieved through strength training with functional compound movements using free weights.

Thus resulting in you burning more calories as well (even when resting!), keeping your body fat levels low, increased energy and providing you with that additional vigour to keep up to life’s demands.

Not only do you lose fats, your risk of injury through day to day activities is reduced as well. Through load bearing movements in strength work, benefits include healthier and stronger bones. When the muscles get stronger, that includes the connective tissues surrounding it as well.

This paired with a higher and better awareness of how your body moves in space (Utilising certain muscles, how to better distribute your bodyweight) will lead to fewer injuries.

Needless to say, your quality of life would dramatically improve as well.

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