Individualized Programs At Your Convenience

Do you feel like you’re not progressing in your training or lack a general sense of direction?

Sign up for our TSY Online Coaching! We understand that not everyone will get a chance to train here in Singapore, however we believe that everyone should still get quality Strength Training.



Here’s what you can expect:


Initial Video Consult & Assessment

Sit down with one of our Coaches to dig deep into your current situation.

We will find out how your current lifestyle is like, your training availability, medical and injury history, accessibility to equipment, goals and etc..

We may even request for past training videos or do a live assessment to see your current condition. The more information we have, the better we can write your program.

*For the experienced lifters, we may request for your past training programs to further understand more about your training preferences.


Individually Customized Training Program

Once the Video Consultation is done, we will write you a program that’s individually customized.


Video Analysis Of Lifts Per Session And Weekly Program Reviews

Your Coach will analyze your training via training videos taken and provide crucial feedback within 24 hours on your form and technique to ensure that the lifts are performed safely and efficiently. Programs will be reviewed on a weekly basis to see if any adjustments are needed so that you get the best progress out of it.


Long Term Planning For Training Towards Larger Goals

Last but not least, we are able to cater to long term goals such as preparing for a meet or in achieving a certain weight for a particular lift. This is suited for dedicated individuals who have a long term goal in mind.



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    • I never had a coach or program before so I was apprehensive about how the whole thing would turn out and I was also unsure about many things like nutrition, weight class and all the equipment necessary for powerlifting. However, Syahmi constantly encouraged and reassured me that I was on the right track and patiently guided me throughout the process. I like how he was able to breakdown really comprehensive information into layman terms and drawings! He replied quickly even in ungodly hours and the video resources helped a lot. Overall it was a fruitful experience! I have gained much insights about powerlifting.