When I first got in contact with Syahmi, I didn’t know if I would see any gains from the work outs or if I would be comfortable with him and the type of strength training methods he recommends.

However after the first Free Consultation session, he shared with me on the types of work outs we would do and the fact that he was accountable for measuring my ability to lift and strength train helped to clear my doubts.

I like Syahmi’s approach of learning about the science behind strength training, food we eat and the number on the scale.
He helped me get over crash dieting and restructured my thinking and lifestyle to something that is more personalized to my lifestyle and goals.

I love how I’m not worried about the daily numbers on the scale and instead I look at my weekly averages now.
Overall the experience was great! It really changed my life in terms of how I feel, the way I look at food and how I would budget my calories.

I feel so much better overall now that i am not giving up foods that I love while still attaining the results I want.



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