Ruhi Lal’s Testimonial


I have never pictured myself lifting a barbell and the thought was intimidating. I was unsure if I will be learn the basics and make any meaningful progress.

Coach Phina made an effort to understand where I stood in my fitness journey, what i was aiming for and introduced me to strength training, focussing on getting the foundation right. She has since worked with me to make gains, pushes and encourages me to make progress.

Phina knows what she is teaching. She gives her 100% attention, corrects postures, and keeps taking notes of what i am doing, where i struggle with etc. She is also easy to schedule sessions with and is very approachable.
It was my goal in 2018 to begin strength training. I am very glad to have picked The Strength Yard. Coaches are humble, the vibe is genuine, and they know what they are teaching.

I absolutely look forward to my sessions at the Yard. I have made progress and absolutely love my time at the Strength Yard.



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