Setting Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution


After a holiday season of being merry, many of us start setting fitness resolutions for the New year only to see them fall by the wayside.

It Is a pretty depressing statistic. In fact, survey shows that only 20% of people actually achieve their goals and more than 70% of people give up within the first 2 months.

Here at The Strength Yard, we firmly believe that consistency is key. Whether you’re trying to lose some weight or to break new PRs, here are some practical strategies to help you keep the momentum going!


Be realistic

Trying to increase 100kg to your deadlift in 6 months is a lofty and admirable goal but chances are its not going to happen. Depending on how long and consistent you’ve been training (seasoned athletes will progress at a much different rate than beginners), make sure you set realistic goals. Have a chat with the coaches and they will help you set or tweak your resolution goals so you wont end up setting yourself up for failure.


Pat yourself on the back

Know that results wont come quickly. Many people lose motivation as a result.

So celebrate the small victories. Track your workouts, be it a mini squat PR or an additional rep on your pull ups. It helps you to visualize how you’re advancing towards your goals.


Hold yourself accountable

Stay on track by putting your money where your mouth is. Make a bet with your friends or fellow class members. Even better, challenge them and see who hits it first. Make it fun. Yes, you should be holding yourself accountable but we often find ourselves pushing harder when we hold ourselves accountable to the standards of others.


Quick fixes never work over the long term

Developing healthy habits is a much more sustainable approach. If you have a resolution that you’d like help with, then feel free to ask one of our coaches for advice or schedule a free consultation!