Stay Home Conditioning – Core Focus


We understand that it’s hard to remain active amidst the Covid-19 situation especially with the reduced capacity of our classes as well as many of you who are on stay home notices.

Hence our coach @tsy.charm has put together a series of workouts to help you maintain your fitness while you’re stuck at home. This series will require little to no equipment and will help you get in a comprehensive workout for each different muscle group. We’ll be posting her new workouts periodically so check back for more updates!

Do not pull on your neck.
Originate the movement by contracting your abdominal.

Leg Raises
Keep your lower back flat.
Do not let your feet touch the floor.

Bicycle Crunches
Once again, do not pull on the neck.
Bring your shoulders off the ground instead.
Try to extend your legs fully as you cycle.

Keep your shoulders in line with your elbows.
Remember to engage your glutes too as you hold the plank.