The recent rise of raw powerlifting in Singapore and having numerous media attention lately has many asking what exactly is Powerlifting.



In a nutshell, Powerlifting is strength sport that revolves around the 3 disciplines. The Squat, Bench press and the Deadlift.



Rules during a competition or Meet may differ base on the different federation (there are 2 in Singapore,  IPF and GPA) you are competing in, but generally speaking, athletes are given 3 attempts for each discipline and their heaviest attempt from each discipline would make up their total thereby determining the winner in their weight class.

the strength yard compete

A meet would usually begin with the Squat of which athletes must squat till your hip joint reaches below your knee joint thereby hitting depth or going beyond parallel in order for it to constitute a good lift.

squat powerlifting depth


Followed by the Bench press. A pause is required when the bar reaches the chest. Athletes are required to listen to the command given the head judge and cant simply perform a touch and go bench press.

Lastly would be the Deadlift, where full hip and knee extension is required before receiving the “down” command.  Athletes must return the bar to the floor with both hands and cant simply dump the bar down, else risking getting a no lift.

deadlift powerlifting the strength yard


What may seem as basic movements can actually be pretty technical especially when one gets really specific into the sport of powerlifting. Overall, its a fantastic sport and a true test of a person’s strength.

That being said, barriers of entry into the sport is actually really low as all you need is a squat rack and a barbell to get you started!

I cant recommend it enough. If you are still on the fence or have any questions, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help, click HERE to schedule a free consultation to improve your lifts.