How To Warm Up For Bench

Check out Uncle’s Randy Bench Warm Up Routine!


How To Warm Up For Squats

Hey everyone!! Uncle Randall is here to show you how he personally warms up for a heavy day of squats.


How To Do The Jefferson Curl

Feeling tightness in your hamstrings, glutes, Lim at fascia and lower traps after training?
Try out the Jefferson Curl.


How To Release Neck And Shoulder Strains

Ever felt neck and shoulder strains after a long day at the office or school? Performing upper body pushing exercises could aggravate this strain further!
Here’s something that could help alleviate that irritable feeling!


How To Stretch Your Hips

Have you been feeling lower back discomfort?
The root cause could be tight hip flexors and thigh muscles from prolonged sitting, cycling, squatting and lunging rather than the lower back itself.
Here’s a stretch that could help!


How To do The Cradle To Stretch Lower Back

The cradle AKA The true lumbar stretch to loosen up the muscles around the lumbar region.


How To Release Tension In Your Middle/Upper Back

Tension in your middle/upper back from sitting too much?
Try this with a foam roller for better thoracic mobility!


How To Stretch Your Hamstrings

Do you have tight hamstrings? Try this stretch out!

How To Do A Pigeon Pose For Hip Mobility

Looking for more ways to increase your hip mobility?
Try out this Pigeon pose variant to deeply stretch the hip muscles and butt muscles of the front leg and hip flexors of the back leg.


How To Release Tight Rear Deltoids And Shoulder Muscles

Many people have tight rear deltoids and Shoulder muscles, one of the most common issues is the insertion/upper portion of the Lats/Lat. Often due to the Dorsi muscles being overused in vertical pulling actions (Pull-ups, Lat-Pull-downs, etc.) due to the middle & origin portions of the Lats lacking intrinsic control.


How To Stretch Your Glutes

Many people have tight hip muscles, one of the most common issues is that it gets overworked, causing excessive external rotation in the hips, which causes lower back discomfort + pain.
Here’s an awesome stretch to release the Hip/Gluteus muscles (External hip rotators, Piriformis & the Gluteus Maximus) !


How To Stretch Your Quadriceps

Experiencing tightness in the thighs?
Try this stretch to loosen them up.


How To Stretch Your Forearm

Feeling tight & discomfort in your fingers & forearms?
Here’s a simple and easy stretch to relieve muscle tension and carpal tunnel pain in the forearms flexors