When You Hit A Plateau In Training And How To Deal With It



We know you take your training seriously. From our serious competitive athletes to our casual class members you are always looking to be the strongest version of yourselves.

There is only so much we can progressively overload till we hit a wall in training. Some lucky ones have a higher threshold than others but we’ll all eventually find our progress starting to get slower or for even some, remain stagnant for a period of time.

For one to see improvements in strength, one must be willing to work hard, then harder and then harder still. As we always preach, consistency is key. Our body has to experience a progressive amount of overload or stress (a gradual increase in accumulated volume/workload), in order to adapt and get stronger.

Recreational gym goers with no specific goals in mind other than that of working out for enjoyment don’t really need to enter the realm of pain and discomfort. But anybody working hard to reach a specific goal will most likely be following a training program that takes them further and further beyond their comfort zone.

So, what should you do once you find yourself hitting a plateau in training?


Speak to your coach about it

Have a chat with your coach and have them review what is going on and how to go about fixing it. He/she will understand you best and determine what’s the causing factor in your lack of progress. Always be proactive and maintain an open communication with your coach, catching the warning signs early on may help avoid stalling altogether.


Reduce or eliminate factors that are within your control (i.e. Lack of sleep, poor diet)

Overtraining / lack of adequate rest are some of the more common stressors and your Coach may advise you to include more recovery days to allow your body to rest and recover or even alter your training program to a certain degree to accommodate your physical state.


Most importantly, do not get self-defeating. You have worked hard and it may be a bit disappointing if your rate of progression is no longer as fast as before. But take a minute to put things into perspective. Have trust in your coach’s advice and training program. The fact is that you have already made considerable progress and beneath the layer of fatigue lays a well-built foundation of steadily acquired strength. Sometimes we all need to take one step
back in order to take 2 steps forward.


Are You Hitting A Plateau In Training?
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