2015 in Hindsight!

Hey everybody! Happy holidays from Terence and I! 2015 have been a blast for us so far and we hope it’s the same for you too!

We’ve opened this gym back in 2014 with the vision of having a no frills, open environment where like minded people could come and train together!


Certain milestones include :

-Hosting our first push pull meet in conjunction with Singapore Powerlifting Alliance

-Hosting a 2 day seminar with world record holder Greg Nuckols

Not to mention we fielded some of our members/athletes to take part in the Strength Assembly Powerlifting Meet in KL Malaysia and got back with best team overall!

and as we usher in the new year, we have some exciting news to announce!

New Equipments!

We are looking to bring in another 3 more Ohio Power Bars from Rogue and a deadlift jack amongst others. It should be coming in early next year.


And I am very grateful to be able to see our vision come into fruition. This would not have been possible without the support and help from you guys! Thank you very much and remember to share your moments/photos with us using #thestrengthyard.

Wishing you more PRs to come.

​Edmund Neo

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