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They restrict you, limit you. Not us.
What we call dedication, they view it as obsession.
What we view normal, they call crazy.
Get stronger, get leaner and set PRS.
From the beginners to the weekend warriors to the seasoned lifters, Join the family.

Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Strength & Conditioning Gym Singapore.

Personal Training or Classes.
Open Gym Monthly Memberships Available.

At The Strength Yard, we believe that strength training is beneficial for everyone.

Sticking to the basics of functional barbell training,
Our science based approach to training ensures that our clients enjoy a safe and sustainable progression through their lifting journey.

Become stronger and leaner.

Feel better and move better in day to day activities, improving your quality of life.


Strength Training Made Easy

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    Monday to Sunday 6AM – 12MN (MEMBERS ONLY CARD ACCESS)


    What is strength training?

    Strength training involves the performance of physical movements that are designed to improve strength.

    Strength training done at The Strength Yard is the learning of compound barbell movements to become functionally stronger in a safe and trackable manner, using a science-based approach for our programs.

    Is strength training safe?

    Believe it or not, strength training is one of the safest exercise when performed under professional guidance coupled with a proper program.

    Our certified coaches are practitioners themselves and are experienced in teaching the proper form and technique in barbell training, based on what works best for you.

    Our programs are customized to your daily fatigue levels which are best suited for the busy working individuals.

    If you are new or unsure about starting strength training, feel free to approach us for a free consultation session to learn more.

    What are the benefits of strength training?

    Strength training brings numerous benefits to your body:

    • Increase In Muscle Mass
    • Improvement In Bone Density
    • Boost Your Immune System
    • Increase Metabolism
    • Improvement In Day To Day Activities
    • Reduced Risk Of Injury

    Is it too late to start strength training?

    It is never too late to start, we have female clients who started strength training at the age of 50 and are currently benefiting from it.

    Our team of experts are able to adjust the pace and progression of training.

    You will gradually build confidence in lifting weights in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

    Reach out to us to arrange a free consultation session to learn more.


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